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Your Grief Is Yours

Grief is very personal. We will sooner or later lose someone we love or care about. We all will deal with grief.
Yet grief is very very personal.
Many people think that they share my grief just because they have lost my sister too. But the fact is they don’t.
Unless they are me, they don’t have my grief.
They were not there the day she ordered espresso. She sat there with her first bump beautifully rounded and gave me that look. I know I shouldn’t be drinking too much caffeine. I still vividly remember her fingers holding her cup of espresso so elegantly.
They were not there when she gave me a cold look while we were waiting for the bus home after a long day at university. Rus you shouldn’t do that.
They were not there when we said goodbye at my in laws foyer. She held me so tight with her new bump even rounder than her first. She whispered in my ears. You should be happy. I love you Rus.

They were not there. They might’ve lost X. But they didn’t lose my lil’ sister X.


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