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Shu Bihbak

It’s always overwhelming how a song, a tune or music can bring back load and loads of memories.

Yesterday I broke down into tears when I heard Wael Kfouri sing “shu bihbak“. I tried so hard to find the exact relation between my sister X. and this song. I’m not sure I can pin it.”ya habibi areb lai”  All I have is an image of her sitting on the computer and this music is playing. “shu bihbak lama btihki, trosom a shafafak dihki” I can see her side so clear. The way her head tilted forward and her hair is framing her face so beautifully. “habibi inta el ahla“. Her forehead is resting on one of her palms. “itrak, sihrak, swatak, rasmak saro mini wo fiei “.


And it goes one more time… “Ahh. Shu bihbak“.

Oh, How much I love you.


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