تثاءب المساء ، والغيومُ ما تزالْ
تسحُّ ما تسحّ من دموعها الثقالْ .
كأنِّ طفلاً بات يهذي قبل أن ينام :
بأنَّ أمّه – التي أفاق منذ عامْ
فلم يجدها ، ثمَّ حين لجّ في السؤال
قالوا له : “بعد غدٍ تعودْ .. ”
لا بدَّ أن تعودْ
وإِنْ تهامس الرفاق أنهَّا هناكْ
في جانب التلّ تنام نومة اللّحودْ
تسفّ من ترابها وتشرب المطر ؛

As it rains heavily today. I remembered a poem about rain that I learned in High School. And as I read through the verses. These popped up at me. So painfully true to my own nephew. My own sister. How sad.

Here is my rough translation.

[[Evening has yawned and the clouds were still

shedding more of it’s heavy tears,

As if a boy gone to sleep while mumbling

That his mum whom he woke a year ago

And didn’t find her, then he started nagging and asking

They told him: “After tomorrow she’ll come back”

She must come back.

Even if  friends were whispering that she is there.

On the side of the hill sleeping for ever

Eating it’s soil and drinking the rain.


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