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Crying For You

We all have been very strong. We don’t cry together. Each suffer and cry alone. But last week. I cried for you once with mum and once with our sister L.

Mum who keeps a steel wall on her face all the time, she couldn’t that time. She just succumbed to her feelings and told me how much she is suffering and how she can’t go on. She allowed herself to cry in front of me. Her tears ran so deep within me. I couldn’t say anything. I just cried too on the other side of the phone thousands of miles away.

As for sister L. I was on the phone when I told her how much I miss you as my truest friend. How much NOW I need you. I need to sit and talk to you. And I can’t find you and it so damn hard. And then I just cried like a baby leaving L. speechless as she never heard me cry like this.


We might hide our tears and cry in solitude. But our tears run so strong and so deep. We just miss you X. We miss you more by the day.


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