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17 Months

It’s the 26th again. 17 months. How many deaths did I hear about since my sister’s passing. How many young deaths and each time my heart breaks all over again. I know she is in a better place. People might find peace knowing that. I don’t. Not yet. I hope I will one day. Now all I could think of is her son who is left motherless. I think of her parents who have to live on with this big hole in their lives that no other child not even a grand child could ever fill. They had only one X. and she is gone. I think selfishly of myself who is left without her sister who was so close to her, a sister who is there in every memory I have for over 30 years. I think of how much I need her now in my life. I’ve never felt lonelier in my life than those past 17 months. X. is gone to a better place insha Allah but she left us all loving her and missing her more every minute of every day for the past 17 months.
الله يرحمك يا ز. يا حبيبتي. الله يعين بابا و ماما و آحمد و كل اخوتك على فراقك و يعوضهم كل خير.
الله يعيني على فراقك يا حبيبتي و الله يصبرني على كل الايام الجاي من غيرك يا اختي.


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