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The Morning After

In fact everything happened to me the morning after. Due to where I live and the big time difference. I only knew the morning after the 26th.


A year ago!

What started of like a normal day has very quickly turned to the worst day of my life.

But, there is a catch. the night before I had a nightmare. And it didn’t take me long to ask when did my sister pass only to discover that it happened around the same time I woke up screaming from a nightmare.

Maybe I would like to think that I felt something. That my spirit was with her on those minutes before it passed away to the other world.

Maybe that should ease my guilt a bit.

I don’t know.

Now, all I can think of is how many days and mornings have to pass before I can start to accept Mum’s broken voice telling me “They are BOTH gone“.


الله يرحمك يا اختي.


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